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NZ ITP Associate Certification

"use NZ-UK strict spelling";

Recently I received my NZ ITP Associate certificate. An Atlantan may wonder ‘What on earth is an NZ In-The-Perimeter Associate’ !?

Well ITP actually stands for the Institute of IT Professionals in NZ. Associate membership is the most junior and entry level status one can gain, which is accurately my status as a new entrant into the field.

Associate membership is still no small deal- all members are bound by the mandatory code of ethics in their dealings with others to remain in good standing.

The organisation has a number of great courses and resources which will admittedly be not as easy to access from the United States and on US Eastern Standard time.

However, I know there are more Kiwi’s than I realize in the USA and even in Atlanta. For example, I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of Motim Technologies which produces amazing work in AR and with other technologies for very large fortune 500 companies.

The opportunities to do business between the two countries is only growing as the world becomes more connected. Still, it is nice to get snail mail and this will hang warmly on my wall. Onwards !