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Atlanta: a drivers guide

The traffic in this city can be awful during the day but riding down some of its main streets in clear traffic, as I did tonight, can send shivers down your spine.

You can see in areas where the road follows the Eastern Continental Divide, and with an active imagination you feel like you are riding up the spine of the southeast, with rainfall one side of the road going to the Atlantic, the other side into the Gulf of Mexico.

Riding along and over the ridges of many small hills upwards gives a variety of views, but almost always there is a solid, horizon formed by the treeline.

Major streets include:

Peachtree Road/Street

  • “Main Street”
  • Crosses the area of approximately highest elevation in Atlanta around the aptly named High Museum of Art

Ponce De Leon Ave

  • Irregular and winding eastern corridor following closely to the Eastern Continental Divide, host to numerous cultural sights of importance. It also bears the historical marks of segregation, as roads crossing Ponce De Leon often change names representing historical racial/religious divides in neighborhoods.

10th Avenue

  • Hugs the south end of Piedmont Park - Atlanta’s finest green space - and is home to the cities first dedicated cycle highway.One of a number of key arterial roads in a grid that cut across major highways.

Spring St

  • On one side of you are 10+ lanes of Interstate Highway. On the other is Midtown. This important junction road also attracts terrible driving habits as people are hectic to get in the right lane at the last minute.